Monday, January 01, 2007


Yes, come in,
by all means, take a seat,
It matters little, I know
You will visit
with or without
my welcome.

Ah, we have known
each other all these years,
so yes, of course you
are my guest, of course
I must let you in.

So, finally, let us talk
of all the things,
You came to say,
For I must have
invited you, yes.

Yes, let us talk
talk of all the times
you have visited me,
perhaps by now
we are old friends,
perhaps maybe even
some affection?

I'll bring you wine,
and you will speak,
and I will listen
for now I see you clear,
your words are
as they have always been,
soft and shimmering
with possible truths.

Yes, my friend,
my good guest,
take a chair, yes, please,
have some wine,
we have so much
to speak of.


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