Monday, December 25, 2006


Oh and I was in a bad way,
yes such a bad way
And there was no hope to be found,
oh no hope at all
Not even knowing
how I arrived,
I found myself
in a schoolroom!

Oh I was in a bad way,
yes I was,
and there I was,
in this schoolroom,
didn't even know
who had brought me there.

And I heard them sing,
yes, voices loud,
a fine gospel song,
and no, I'm not Christian,
and I didn't know the words,
no didn't know 'em.
but I tried to sing along
just the same,
yes, just the same,

And someone had given me
something, some pills,
and I couldn't sing, oh no,
I couldn't sing!

But I heard them
and I sang out anyway,
in a mad croaking voice,
oh it did more for me
than any pill could,
that sound.

No other instrument than
voices, yes nothing but
voices raised in praise,
yes, in praise,
they sang it and I felt it,
even through the haze
of such madness,
being in such a bad way.

And that was a long time ago,
yeah, a long time,
but I've never forgotten it,
those voices, fine voices,
shouting out,
raised high in praise.


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