Saturday, December 23, 2006

Grocery Story

Ack, these big carts and these narrow aisles! At least it isn't very crowded, that would drive me mad. Let's see ... yeah, potatoes, want those nice little ones, oh here's some Yukon gold, they are nice, I'll take a little bag of 'em. And some onions, too, I gotta feel each one, make sure they're firm and not spoiled. A bunch of nice orange carrots, oh they smell good, so fresh.

Down the refrigerated dairy aisle, well at least it's double wide so I'm not too crowded in with this big old cart. Butter, yes, whipped unsalted butter, Breakstone brand, and yes, a big old tub of Breakstone sour cream. Oh look, I like those Paul Newman cookies, but no, not tonight, nope.

Ok, sure I'll get some of that Pepperidge Farm pumpernickle bread, it's good for grilled cheese sandwiches. And oh ... oh, here's the heavy duty tinfoil, and yes, two cans of College Brand beef broth. And gotta get some Era laundry detergent, but I'm not buying that giant thing, it'll be too heavy to carry home with all the rest of the stuff, oh good, here's a smaller bottle, that's fine.

Oh, that girl at the checkout, she's eating Stella Doro cookies and she's laughing and talking to someone one aisle over, ick, I wish she'd close her mouth when she did that! Oh well. And good lord, I don't need five bags for all this, it could fit in three ... ah just let me out of here, I don't care, put it in twenty bags if you so desire!

It's unseasonably warm tonight, as I walk down 23rd Avenue, and I see a shining sliver of moon in the clear night sky, such a slim crescent, and oh, that's why I was so moody on Wednesday, it was the new moon and I didn't even remember! And now it's waxing again, that little silver cat-eye, looking down on me with moony glee.


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