Sunday, December 31, 2006


Ah, clear cold
December day,
walking around
the Astoria scene,
always in view,
the Hellgate bridge,
Hellgate red paint
gorgeous against
clear blue sky.

And at Rosie and Joe's
Italian Bakery,
Standing in line,
a lady and her daughter,
smiles on faces, ordering
prosciutto bread
and canolli
and sesame breadsticks,
a few chocolate croissants
(the best in New York State!).

Behind me,
a young couple
he had a European accent,
they were discussing
whether they should
split a canolli,
as they looked
so creamy,
clearly freshly made.

Lovely flaxen haired
young woman
suggested they
split one of the
tiny mini-canolli.
And her lover
laughed and said,
"oh no, let's have
that big one there!"

I turned and
smiled at them;
and they smiled back,
it was that kind
of day; at the
friendly bakery
in Astoria.


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