Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Certain Evening

On a mild and windy evening, oh hearing the sounds of the night, sounds evoking stories, stories shared by two hearts, stories by the fire, oldest comfort known to humankind, oh on this mild and windy evening, I am here, yes here in my little Astoria brownstone apartment, but I am somewhere else as well, yes somewhere else.

On a mild and windy evening, I am sitting on a porch somewhere, not alone, no, there's someone with me, and as we listen to the sounds of the night on this mild and windy evening, we tell tales, grand and mysterious tales set to fantastical natural soundtrack of of wild creatures, tree frogs, great horned owls, creatures that fly and creatures that crawl. And we tell our stories, shared by two hearts, the sounds and sensations of the mild and windy evening intoxicating our souls like fine old wine.


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