Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wantchu, Gotchu

Got a boogie woogie jones, wanna hear that backbeat, yeah, wanna drink bad liquor, dance to smeared beats and pounding rhythms under dim dim lights, wantchu, gotchu, oh wantchu, gotchu.

Got a deep down crave for maximum drive, why do those words swing me so, wantchu, gotchu, I gotta laugh, yeah, gotta laugh, wantchu, gotchu, move to the backbeat, to the swirl of darkness of an evening, oh daddy.

I hear the music even in the silence of a lonely room, even in bad moods and worn out solitudes, feel the rhythm, it moves me, moves my hips to swing and my shoulders to shimmy, gotta laugh, wantchu, gotchu, gotta party real low down, oh daddy.


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