Friday, January 19, 2007

Kitty and Coyote (an American phantasy)

I’m Kitty from New York City, I’m walking around midtown looking in the department store windows at wowed out mannequins in their fine couture clothing and all of a sudden a black and gold stretch limousine pulls up, a uniformed chauffer comes out, grabs me, and before I know it I’m in that big bad car and who should I see sitting next to me but Coyote!

You don’t know Coyote? Well I shouldn’t be surprised, but really, you ought to know him. Spent a lot of time over on that left coast, in the four corners region of these great United States bounded by the sacred mountains, Blanca Peak to the East and Mt. Taylor to the South in New Mexico; San Francisco Peak to the West in Arizona; LaPlata Mountains to the North in Colorado, hung out with the Navajos and helped develop their civilization. But oh, you know Coyote’s been around forever, I mean, man FOREVER! Like, since before anything!

So I figure I’d better enjoy the ride, because there’s no point in fighting such a powerful totem god. “What you want with me?” I ask innocently. “Oh Kitty,” Coyote says, “we’re going to Atlantic City! I’ve decided to teach you something about gambling.” And I say, “well okay,” cause I know Coyote is the greatest teacher of them all, bending boundaries, experimenting with the very cosmology of existence, and I figure well, it’s an honor, isn’t it, to be chosen to be part of his great curriculum?

Now we’re rolling along in this groovy limousine drinking champagne and eating big spoonfuls of caviar like gluttons, and in no time we arrive at the wildest casino this Kitty has ever seen! Alabaster marble mahogany silk satin inlaid ivory Persian carpeted, and in the center of the gambling room the biggest roulette wheel I’d ever seen!

I gather I’m gonna play roulette and learn how to gamble, but Coyote has different plans for me. I am going to BE the gamble, not do the gambling! All of a sudden I feel myself turning, changing into something … what’s this? I’m shrinking! In a snap Coyote has turned me into that little white plastic ball and the croupier tosses me and whee! I’m flying around the wheel and people are standing all round making bets. And I feel just fine and wonder where I’ll land!

But oh, it’s never that easy when you’re with Coyote. Cause just about the time I’m gonna land, a big hand snatches me off the wheel and I end up in someone’s pocket and next thing I know I’m back to being Kitty from New York City only now I’m in some gangster’s gambling pad waiting on tables for very little money and lousy working conditions and a really ugly uniform! -- and I’m not happy about this at all ! I’d like to just get ahold of that Coyote for one moment and then I’d really let him have it! This game was rigged!

But lo, once again I’m back on the wheel and the croupier is spinning again and whee! I forget to be mad at Coyote and am enjoying the ride like wild, oh it’s so fun to be spun! But once again someone cheats and this time I find myself in the Far East in some really divey horrible place of sin and squalor, and I don’t even want to go into what happened there, but let’s say it was quite a relief when once again, just as I’m feeling at the end of my rope I am transformed back to the wheel and finally, oh sweet Big Apple Mama, this time nobody grabs me and I land! I land just where I’m supposed to land, right on the slot and someone wins and others lose but I’m having the time of my life!

Then in a snap I’m back to being Kitty from New York City and Coyote and I are sitting at this giant midnight blue slab of alabaster bar drinking martinis and Coyote says, “Well, Kitty, how did you like gambling?” And I say, “well Coyote, I figure it’s not how you spin, it’s not how you fall, it’s just how you land!” And Coyote laughs his great big laugh, gives me a great big kiss and vanishes, leaving me with only a sawbuck, so I end up in one of those big busses with the blue haired ladies and finally get back to New York, but oh daddyo, I’ll never fear falling again or even being grabbed in the gamble, cause now I learned from the great Coyote and that’s why kitties always land on their feet!


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