Friday, July 14, 2006

Heart Veils

Infinite layers, diaphanous salome veils cover us till we suffocate, passion covers anger covers fear covers desire covers the quivering universe that is each of us, trembling under the stars, dark clouds cover blue sky, night covers golden sun.

Reach out, push away, rejections powerful as rockets, and enfoldings of massive loves and warm hearts, cacophony of human voices rising and falling, violence of hatreds boiling blood and bloody clashes, neverending death and destruction, voices rising, hearts sinking, all under the stars, the sky, as we are suspended between earth and heaven, howling at the moon, riven with confusion, crying for redemption.

Knowledge crumbles, wisdom faints, blood calls blood and the whole world wails. These are the times, hate covers fear covers desire and calls out warning, we can't let go, can't let go. Yet all is ripped away as we see our own death in a stranger's picture, our own no, no, no, I don't wanna go, so we put on the veils, we cover our mortal heart, these are the times.


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