Friday, March 17, 2006


Step out of Seventh Ave. Deli in cold sunny morning armed with brown bagged bagel and I see a gaggle of girls milling around in front of pizza joint that serves bacon and eggs in the a.m., they're all wearing muddy green athletic suits, long pants and windbreakers. I see writing on the back of a jacket, do a double-take, look again, it reads "Suburban-ette Twirlers"!

For a wild moment I envision the whole group breaking into mad Sufi whirling dervish rotations, Friday morning midtown scene indeed!

Then I realize, oh, today is St. Patrick's Day -- it's batons and pom-pons, big parade glory for these girlies, it's gonna be crowds seen during lunch hour wearing glittery green bowlers and shamrock topped antenna headbands, the big march just an avenue away.

Top o' the mornin' in Auld Manhattoe.


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