Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday Afternoon

Fresh air of Midtown! Cool seastruck isle of Manhattoe breezes streaming as I emerge from subway on 50th Street and Fifth Avenue, makes me so dizzy I end up walking the wrong way at edge of Central Park to Sixth Avenue, dodging the trillion tourists snapping pictures in front of fancy scenes, curse and retrace my steps, walking down Fifth Avenue to 50th Street. The high-tone shops are all in full spring regalia, Pucci with psychadelic swirls of blue and violet and white, Ferragamo with ebony headless mannequins dressed in black and white, gleaming bronze Trump Towers resplendant with doormen, Cartier with overcoated security guard casually standing by the door, protecting jewels, big monolith of St. Patrick's Church dappled in early afternoon sunlight, a trio of teens pass by, one boy laughs and chases a pigeon up the steps of the cathedral, wings flapping wildly, headed to grace.


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