Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Moon and New York Fashion

For the last three years women's spring fashions in Auld Manhattoe have been coordinated to a fever pitch, soaked with bouquets of color -- lime green, pale pink and hot pink, salmon, lemon yellow, peach, glorious violet, sea wave blue, masses of orange, with every accessory in matching colors, shoes, bags, jewelry, belts. Before that it was mandatory black and white for the hip New York scene. My secret theory was that 9/11 made women so scared they tried to look like flowers so no one would want to blow them up. Ok, stupid theory, but it's all I had!

This spring something has gone terribly awry. Oh there are still the fashionistas, no worry there. But lately I have seen the strangest combinations, beyond nerd chic, beyond, well anything I have seen before in the style capitol of America. Weird ill-fitting calf length slacks with black fishnet stockings and pumps, chicks with short hair put up in bizarre antenna-like pigtails, one deranged woman wearing a blue oxford shirt covered with a ruffled yellow sweater vest with capped shoulders, lots of browns and muddy plaids, I don't know what is going on!

And what does this have to do with the first new moon of spring? Nothing, not one thing. It was what came to mind, that's all.

New moon. Empty, I'm a gone kitty, secret angers and cryptic fears, layers putting Salome to shame, no Sheherezade stories to amuse the Sultan, bereft of wit, raw karma rushing.


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