Friday, May 12, 2006

Checking Out the Dark Side

So once again I seek mad pains and stimulations of clash and conflict, unerringly approach bent angles, veer down narrow alleys of dark delusions, familiar, ever changing but cozy in a demented sort of way. Dark and light ever meeting, battling it out in furies of exposed movements or sly slinking treachery with Borgia poisons in signet rings of sapphire studded pure gold, no prize but the fight itself. Yah, yah, I taste the dark glamour and cannot turn away until I am filled and satiated. Rimbaud-like derangement of the senses, can flick it on and off like lightswitch. Gods and demons possess me in small or great measure by my own invocation as I prowl through the shadowed dim-lit alleys of the dark side.


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