Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Auld Manhattoe

(click pic to enlarge)
(credit: Gisela Fabian 1943 - 2004.
Description: New York Fantasy
Year: 1978
Dimension: 24"x30")

After all these years
still bathed in
Times Square Neon
in early weekday

Moods of Auld Manhattoe
never can be denied

Roaring subways
still roar even
with strange
electric trains
singing eerie dissonant
electronic whistle
of revving up to
go down the track

Clocks in the 
subway cars and
notifications of
where you have

Good for a laugh
when computer gets
bollixed and
you see the wrong
next stop announced
in red lit letters

So I don't need a watch
at least not on the train

Bergdorf's still standing
in new Millenium
along with Henri Bendel.
Going farther East
is upstart Barneys
where retail desire
goes utterly insane

Many chain restaurants
of various ethnic
foods to be eaten
by Midtown worker bees,
even wealthy ones.

But still the steam tables
which lure with
endless choices,

Broadway booms
with billion dollar
on its narrow lane,
where getting
a post-show taxi or any
kind of ride
is problematic.