Thursday, April 20, 2006

Light Fantastic

Do the dance to burning music of heartfire,
Long the longing, imagine! What if you knew
it would be a million lifetimes on
wheel of mad existence
till union with the mate of your soul?
What would you do in the meantime?

I'll dance, throw myself into rhythms
Of love, passion and pain,
I'll dance with whoever asks, round and round
Mad sarabande of the soul,
Encounters of consolation, I'll dance.

I'll bend to my fate, bend low and sway,
Let myself be whirled into the music,
The beat of life, I'll laugh, sing, cry, sigh,
Until the dance is through.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Beat

Beat in the USA. I've seen the seasons turn, watched the moon in all its phases, bathed in light of sun and star, moved to beat of heart in mad love and desire, rounded the seven corners, wailed in angry passion of confusions and hate, ascended the mysteries of wisdom, drank black Russians to disco beats in marijuana hazes, laughed wild running down city streets in stiletto heels, gone mad in godlike convulsions.

The beat of Auld Manhattoe, serenades of sirens and subways, vertigoes of skyscrapers, beggars by deli with sad tortoise eyes, blues of falafel stands of corrugated metal steaming in summer sun, twilight jazz riff of city park boomboxes and bicycles, morning beat of fruitstands and coffee vendors, delerious neons of Times Square. Lifted and flung lightly into universes of sound, beat of being, rhythm of eternity. Walking through the town with careful step, humming.