Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beauty Spirit

She applies coral, pink, red,
to her lips and not
just color but smoothest
textures and glosses and
outlines in soft tinted

And so on with the face
the cheeks the eyes
the eyelashes and eyebrows

A pale reflection
of dakini splendor
as spark is to flame

Yet sincere,
and close to

In scent offerings
and color offerings
and offerings and offerings

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So the meaning
is that even if
I'm feeling this is life
on Atlantis
about to drown

There still are
things to do.

I can write
a list in sounds
repeated to the
click of lotus seed

Or turquoise, amethyst,
pink quartz, hematite,
bone in skull shapes,
carnelian, sandalwood.

Repeated and repeated
over and over again
like milk churned to butter

Vibrations of rainbow tone
through dullness and
dim, wild clingings
of aggression it is good

It is good through
all the shifting mood facets
and illusions,
can't stop the flow.