Thursday, February 01, 2007

So I Asked

I asked him, what's up, and he told me many things. About treasure, yes, finding treasure and what to do, keep it, hide it in a hole somewhere, like mad pirate who'll need a stash by and by, or perhaps not, perhaps spread it around like Robin Hood, oh and somehow though both are bandits, I liked the notion of spreading it around, and he told me this was something people rarely do, and then oh, the blessings, for after all, he said, to bless means to help. So a big treasure, the diamond and ruby and gold kind, oh the wonders of beholding and oh the temptation to fall under the bewitching spell of all that sparkle and gleam, nothing prettier than treasure, after all.

And then to be wild and give it all away, spread it around like that, and what would happen next, I asked him? He gravely told me I would then encounter the path less traveled, indeed, one ruled by no convention or social acceptance, sounded spooky! Without possession or position, yet encompassing all of life, navigating the shoals of love always with an eye to the stars, the sun and the moon, oh he told me many things, the life of the outsider illuminated by his answer to my simple question.


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