Saturday, January 27, 2007

Circus of the Heart

Funhouse mirrors, infinite images and who's to know which is real, drawn there by shiny reflections so easy to enter and difficult to leave? And there's freakshows of two headed calves and bearded ladies, luring easy marks with fascinating strangeness, cotton candy swirls of pink perfection so sweet to eat, high wire scares in the big top, white faced clowns with big red noses tumbling out of little cars.

And what is real amid this carnival profusion, oh minotaurs of mysteries, done went and lost that string, so wandering lost in circus of the heart, distractions of mad jugglers and painted wagons, thrown high on creaky rides with names like rocketship ranger and high dive heaven, stalked by roars of caged lions and tigers, victim of barkers offering commemorative china plates in exchange for bullseye hits, mercy, mercy, got no aim, but oh, ain't that a cute teddybear, wonder if that child over there will grab the brass ring from atop her painted pony, round and round.


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