Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Unrelated Things

Looking out my window, I saw a woman walking down 27th Street, all in black, coat, hat, gloves, skirt, boots, except for a long pure white scarf.

And today, it was so cold, bitter cold, icicles hanging from the ceiling of the 57th Street subway station, saw the light of an oncoming train, praying it was an N and not an R, but no, it was the R train, the doors opened and I stepped forward to get a bit of warmth and there was a young fellow in a green jacket and blue stocking hat playing Mozart beautifully on nice looking old violin, he finished the tune just as the doors closed and I saw him bow to the folks in the car.

Right after that I heard one of the new N trains on the other side of the platform, going downtown, they make the strangest sound when they move, synthetic violin-voice playing eerie tune in full notes, up and down, one, two (minor), three, hold then one, two three going down in register, off rhythm, can't get used to it, and inside, the cars speak up in canned announcer voices with no distinctive New York accent telling the station, telling the time, so new and modern.

March in Auld Manhattoe, too cold but sun sets later, spring is coming.


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