Saturday, March 03, 2007

Swan O'Clock

Ah, busy folks say laziness is serene and calm but it ain't so, no, just thin veil over deep anxiety, wake up, no matter how early, feel rushing time roaring, like mad monster truck bearing down upon you on desolate midnight highway, can't catch up, can't move, plans are stymied, sunk, minutes and hours clack by with nothing done while time passes, passes, in nightmare noise, ah, you try to grab a minute and it slips away, gibbering.

I dream of a kinder sort of time, apart from the ones and twos of the marching masses, a graceful time that is friend, not enemy. I call it swan o'clock, gliding in harmony with human heart, seeking and finding level of least resistance, gliding like swan on lotus covered lake, a friend giving you a lift up, an arm to lean upon as the day is bestowed like a cheerful gift, night is warmly received like soft wool blanket, ah, swan o'clock, that's the time for me.


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