Thursday, February 22, 2007


I remember she did a Tarot card reading for me and it was then I first considered the notion of destiny, that I had one, it seemed awful grand and cinematic, big story with plots and characters, adventures and such. This was something I had never believed back in mundane midwest, oh that was for movie stars and famous folks, not for the likes of me!

Dazzled by the notion of my Grand Destiny, yes, I felt it like some psychic breeze ruffling my consciousness! Every now and then, I'd meet someone or something would happen and I'd know it was Destiny, something I could not change, but over time I realized it could be shaped and responded to with heart and spirit.

And now of course, oh all I can do is laugh and sigh, oh Destiny, yes, accumulation of all my mad choices, and the smallest events were the real pivot, not the grand dramas. Endless possibilities collapse into the narrow path, and regrets seem as foolish as pride, in the wonder of completion.


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