Saturday, March 07, 2009

For Valtin

Because I came to post
after a while of nonposting
poems, that is
and saw
your question

good question!

shall I be a bard?
something heavy
for heavy times
ha ha
not likely

nor even a troubador
come from troubled plague-ridden lands
to sing their lives to kings
who for some reason
wanted to hear them.

poems for now when
ecstacy and despair do
braided dances
shall I join in
the sarabande?

You, mad warrior
who defends the sacred psyche
in bold words of rue and rage
in puissant tears
and stony silences
amid the rubble.

Fires are lit in the spring
on strange and lonely


Blogger Mark said...

Who are you? Your writing is wonderful. I found you when I was looking for information on that old story about the girl and the riddle, where she must come to the king "neither riding nor walking, neither clothed nor naked." I read that tale a long time ago as a schoolchild, I wonder--does it have a name?

Anyway, I'm glad it lead me here. Your poems are lovely.

9:35 PM  

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