Monday, November 05, 2007

Chutes and Ladders

Funny trying to explain
Being in the moment
When I’m anywhere but
In the moment!
That’s how it goes,
And even to write about it
Would mean not being in the moment.

Though perhaps that’s not so.
Some writing is very much
in the moment,
Tibetan dohas, for example
Or Kerouac’s spontaneous prose

Like wading through water,
Thick, rich, awareness,
Everything is there and
You can want nothing more,
You can see it, like water,
Transparent, but thick,
Everything is there and
You can want nothing more.
And it’s always there,
Always there, but our awareness flees,
In terror or ennui or stubbornness

Read a quote somewhere, talked about
How we see a fish writhing about
On the hook,
We don’t see the hook,
Only the fish writhing,
And people are the same,
We only see the struggle,
We miss the hook,
And so we see others

All wrong.

In the moment
There can be no hook,
Maybe we like the hooks,
For we so cling to them,
Maybe we think
The hook is some kind
Of brass ring.
Ha ha ha.


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