Friday, August 10, 2007


True story -- how I got my name. Wrote this a while back, it describes the birth of Nightprowlkitty in August of 2002, mad palindrome year when everything changed.


In the alley late at night
In the street light bright,
There's a fight at the site
But I'm all right,
Taking flight
In a sideways motion
To the back brick devotion
Of the alley.

In those places,
No faces,
And the spaces
Fit me like a deep black glove,
Strange love-a-dove
In the alley.

Then I heard a sound
All around, unbound
Made the ground pound
To a crazy beat,
Moving meat of the feet
Heat melt sleet slipping
In the alley.

Blue light beam
Hit the trashcan cover,
Made it seem like a theme
In a dream of wonder,
Not under, but
Way high, where the stars lie
Over the alley.

Like moth to a flame
I came, no shame
Right up to the blue
No name dream beam.
Didn't do much, just touch.
But such a fraction of action
Caused enough attraction,
To whip me up on a trip
To the hip spaceship
High above the alley.

There he was
King of the cats
Cool cat, no fool cat
Flying high
In the starlit sky
Over my alley.

Heard the rhythm and the beat
Where the narrow alleys meet
Not sweet like soda shop neat
Main Street.
Deep in bone of soul,
Rhythm & Blues
Rock & Roll,
The whole raw heart
Of the alley.

In his satellite mix
Got a fix
Like a needle in the vein,
Got a shot like
A hot tot of rotgut whiskey
On a cold gutter night
In the alley.

Came back down
To the same town,
Looked around,
Still heard the sound in the night
Felt right,
As I made my way
And vowed to stay
In the alley.


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